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AirportsinEurope.com is one of the fastest growing travel websites in Europe, we currently provide you with useful information on more than 200 European airports. This ensures that you are well prepared and know what to expect on departure and arrival.

You will get to know what the car parking prices are at for example London Stansted Airport and Manchester Airport and how to get from Bergamo Airport (Milan) and Girona Airport (Barcelona) in the centre of the city. The travel time, price and timetable of local and regional transport (bus, train, metro, tram, boat) will give you a good idea of the possibilities. In addition, you will find out what the costs are for a taxi, what a good value for money hotel is in the city and what airlines and car rental companies are present at European airports. Have you flown to or from an airport in Europe? Give your opinion and share your thoughts with other travellers.

We offer not only useful information on airports in Europe. Next to this useful flight info is available on our website, amongst other things you get to know the busiest airports in Europe and the largest airlines in Europe. If you don’t have an airline ticket or hotel reservation yet, you can easily book cheap tickets and cheap hotels through AirportsinEurope.com.

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